Voting Instructions

  • One vote per person per dish.

    • You must try every dish you vote on and vote on every dish you try!
  • You may vote on your own dish.

    • But only once & NO LOBBYING!!

Please refer to this guide when choosing your scores… 

Which of these Figgyness descriptions relates most to this dish?

  1. There are figs in this?
  2. Oh yeah, I taste the figs… I think.
  3. There are figs in here for sure.
  4. The major fig flavor in this goes nicely with the rest!
  5. Holy Figfest! Genius use of Figs!

How much Creative-ness went into this dish?

  1. I’ve had this a million times before.
  2. Wasn’t this the 1st place dish at last year’s Fig Fest?
  3. Nice fresh take on an old standard…
  4. Yo, that’s some good effort at originality!
  5. Wow, I never would have thought of this! Creative Genius!

How much Yummyness does this dish have?

  1. I got it down but I am not going back.
  2. This is pretty good, but I it’s not for me.
  3. I like this.
  4. I like this and want another bite!
  5. Where do I get the recipe? This is totally amazing!!

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