Entry rules and official stuff.

Every year since 2007, savvy fig lovers get together and compete for the coveted Fig Trophies. Cooking up a storm of figalicious dishes in the sweet and savory categories the competition gets more fierce (and figgy) every year.

This year, for the first time, we will have a house mixology bar with a signature fig fest 2012 drink! Thanks to Mike Schadel and Marcos Menendez for their expertise, it’s going to be awesome…

The categories:

  1. Beverages (2-4 pm) - Figalicious, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
  2. Appetizers (2-4 pm) - Figgy starters to a meal, including appetizer sized portions and salads.
  3. Entrees (4-5 pm) – Stand alone dishes featuring the fig that could be a whole meal. We will portion these out for the guests.
  4. Desserts (5-6 pm) – Sweets, highlighting the art of Fig.
Trophies will be presented at 7 pm and the celebration will continue until 10pm

The scoring criteria:

  1. Figginess - The dish must feature the fig in all it’s glory. How well does it do?
  2. Creativity - Some things are too obvious, like Fig Newtons. Be creative and get a higher score! (new in 2012)
  3. Yumminess - Of course, your dish must taste good to get a high score on yumminess.
These criteria will be scored on a scale of 1-5 by all tasters of your dish.
The total of these three scores combine to make up the total score. All votes will be averaged and tallied to determine a champion and two runner ups for each category. The trophies will be awesome.

The Entry Rules:

  • To enter your dish you must arrive at least 15 minutes before your category’s tasting time and fill out your entry form with a Fig Fest volunteer.  Dishes must be set out for guest tasting by their posted time. Late entries will be eaten, but not be judged for competition.  Tasting times are posted above.
  • Each guest may enter 1 dish per category and may have a maximum of one partner per dish.
  • Reinventing dishes that have previously taken 1st place in any category is highly  discouraged. A list of past winners is posted on this site. Note the new Creativity category. Don’t recycle an old favorite if you want to win!
  • Please make enough for a small portion for all the guests to taste, we anticipate 40-60 tasters, so your portions can be small.
  • Contestants may prep their dishes in our kitchen during the previous categories tasting time.  Kitchen space is limited so please see Crystal or Justin if you need the oven or any other special consideration… we will accommodate most requests.
  • Plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, etc. for guest tasting will be provided by Fig Fest… but if your dish requires any special presentation, you should bring it with you!
  • Entry to the competition is free. If you’re just eating, we request a $5-10 donation to cover Fig Fest costs!


Chris Bradshaw August 9, 2010 at 7:22 pm

This looks so fun! I’m tied up with preparing for our first fancy fundraiser this year, but maybe next year. I love the idea:)


Conchita and Jason Newman August 20, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Hey Guys!

We really wanted to come out to Fig Fest today, but don’t have the address! You’re probably super busy getting ready for it, but if you happen to see this shoot us an email with your address.

Conchita and Jason


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