Fig Fest 2012


The categories & schedule:

2pm: Beverages – Figalicious, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks

           Appetizers – Figgy starters to a meal, including appetizer sized portions and salads.

4pm: Entrees – Stand alone dishes featuring the fig that could be a whole meal. We will portion these out for the guests.

5pm: Desserts – Sweets, highlighting the art of Fig.

7pm: Trophies!


The scoring criteria:

Figginess - The dish must feature the fig in all it’s glory. How well does it do?

Creativity - Some things are too obvious, like Fig Newtons. Be creative and get a higher score! (new in 2012)

Yumminess - Of course, your dish must taste good to get a high score on yumminess.

Dishes are scored on a scale of 1-5 by all tasters of your dish.


The scoring guide:

Which of these Figgyness descriptions relates most to this dish?

  1. There are figs in this?
  2. Oh yeah, I taste the figs… I think.
  3. There are figs in here for sure.
  4. The major fig flavor in this goes nicely with the rest!
  5. Holy Figfest! Genius use of Figs!

How much Creativeness went into this dish?

  1. I’ve had this a million times before.
  2. Wasn’t this the 1st place dish at last year’s Fig Fest?
  3. Nice fresh take on an old standard…
  4. Yo, that’s some good effort at originality!
  5. Wow, I never would have thought of this! Creative Genius!

How much Yummyness does this dish have?

  1. I got it down but I am not going back.
  2. This is pretty good, but I it’s not for me.
  3. I like this.
  4. I like this and want another bite!
  5. Where do I get the recipe? This is totally amazing!!


The Results:

(average point scores in red) 


  1. Roxanda! (fig aviation) -12.23- Marcos Menendez
  2. Bourbon Smash w/muddled figs -10.19- Mike Schadel


  1. Proscionion Figs -12.00- Crystal Bradshaw
  2. Overnight pickled Figs w/Cheese -11.86- Paula and Gary Chambers
  3. Fig Azvecado -11.27- Romey


  1. Fig Sliders -12.78- Sara Pauly and Lisa Marie
  2. Fig-Tamale -12.74- Crystal Bradshaw and Jen Cusentino
  3. Fig & Peach Kale Quinoa Summer Mix -11.04- James Kyson Lee


  1. Savory Fig Cupcakes -13.00- Joelle Sorenson
  2. Fig Frangiapane Tart -12.94- Monica Pleeta & Jeff Crandall
  3. Almond Fig Brittle -12.36- Lisa Cerra and Matthew Soares

Honorable Mentions:

  • Figalatta Shortcake – Sara Scarlata
  • “Figgelatto disaster” – Melanie Winter
  • “Old vine” mission figs - Rover Singer & Cal Smith

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